Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MacKeeper - 911 for your mac

MacKeeper - 911 for your mac


Download the #1 system utility for MAC in the world that helps them scan for errors, boost performance and increase speed!


    Clean your Mac

    MacKeeper will safely remove gigabytes of junk from your Mac.

    Secure your Mac

    MacKeeper will protect your Mac from spyware, data loss and even theft.

    Protect Data on your Mac

    MacKeeper will prevent unwanted access to your confidential files.

    Optimize your Mac

    MacKeeper will boost your Mac's speed and keep your apps up to date.

    Get Expert Assistance

    MacKeeper's expert customer support will solve any technical issue 24/7!

    MacKeeper - 911 for your mac
    • Instant Mac cleanup
    • High-level security
    • Mac performance boost

    Expert reviews:

    "...MacKeeper does a whole lot and quite easily. It'd be worth it for cleanups alone, but adds other features and you've got a heck of a nice application. ..."
    Dave Caolo , TUAW

    "...MacKeeper gives you the option of treating your computer’s maintenance as a whole master duty that can be accomplished from a single application..."
    Juan Gonzalez, appletell

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Easy Online Backup - Make Sure You Never Lose Your Files, Photos or Music

    Make Sure You Never Lose Your Files, Photos or Music

    Everyone understands the importance of insurance – for your car, your home, and your health.
    While nobody enjoys paying the premium, we intrinsically understand the financial devastation that can result from an accident, disaster, or a serious health problem.

    Make Sure You Never Lose Your Files, Photos or Music
    But, there’s another area of life where people are also exposed to a huge risk, and many of us have no insurance—it’s our digital storage.

    According to PC World, 43 percent of computer users lose their music, photos, and documents annually.

    We can expect that percentage to rise as we become more dependent on our computers each passing year. After all, we store so many important things on our computers: precious photo collections, music collections, videos, and important financial and work documents.
    Inevitably though, the worst will happen—the hard drive crashes.
    Unless you regularly back up all of your files to an external device, you’ve probably lost them—forever.  If you’re lucky, you just might be able to restore some of your files. But, it will cost you—a few thousand dollars, and a ton of frustration and time.
    Fortunately, there are now easy and affordable ways to get protected, and more and more people are choosing to use them.  In fact, they are now so easy to use and affordable, there's really no reason to be exposed when it comes to preserving precious digital assets.

    One of the easiest and most cost-effective protection plans is offered by a company called MyPCBackup.  In three simple steps, this solution can have you covered.

    Make Sure You Never Lose Your Files, Photos or Music

    Here’s how it works

    First, sign up for your free MyPCBackup account and download the MyPCBackup application. It automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files—no matter where they are on your hard drive—and compresses and securely encrypts them. Finally, it copies them over the Internet to the remote MyPCBackup data centers.
    As you create new files and documents, MyPCBackup works automatically and behind the scenes to back them up, with no technical interference as you go about your other work. You have immediate access to your old and newly created documents from any Web browser, even your smart phone. No need for portable flash hard drives or sending large email attachments to yourself.
    Then, when your turn arrives to have an accident, you can restore your data quickly and easily.  You can restore a single file, a set of files, or all of your data.
    Digital backups on the cloud are definitely the wave of the future.

    Everyone knows what it feels like to accidently delete an irretrievable file they’ve been working on for hours.  Just imagine the feeling when a lifetime’s collection of pictures, songs, and memories is lost forever.  Fortunately, with MyPCBackup, it’s something nobody needs to experience again.

    Click here to learn more, or download your free trial now to start your digital protection.